"Seeing Trees" - Mike Grandmaison Presents at Pixels 2.1
Mike Grandmaison, November 26, 2010 at 1:44 PM

"Seeing Trees" - Mike Grandmaison Presents at Pixels 2.1


From Joe Kerr, Pixels 2.1


Thank you to everyone who came out on November 5, we officially have our first First Friday under our belt. We believed the Pixels project would serve a need in the photographic community and your response has proven that to be true. As we move forward be on the lookout for much more to come.

Each month we aim to bring in a guest speaker to our First Friday Speakeasy events, and this time will not be an exception or let me rephrase that and say it will be exceptional.

This person really needs no introduction as he’s been a huge supporter of all the camera clubs and associations in Manitoba. He is a Nationally decorated Winnipeg photographer who has been published in some of the leading outdoor and photographic magazines such as National Geographic. He is a contributing columnist to Outdoor Photography Canada and is the author four magnificent photo exposé books on Canada. He has been a great supporter to the Pixels project and we are so very honoured to announce Mike Grandmaison as our December 3rd guest speaker.

Mike has chosen to produce an all new presentation for us called, “Seeing Trees.”

“I have always been fascinated with trees, ever since my childhood when I
used to bike through the trails and make forts in the woods down the street from my home in Sudbury. I learned more about how trees work in university and then spent nearly two decades working closely with them throughout Western Canada.”

The close ties he formed with nature during his formative years strengthened his desire to want to capture it in all its beauty through the lens of a camera. And so, in 1996 his professional career as a photographer was born with trees as his roots and nature his focus. He has since grown into one of Canada’s leading scenic photographers.

Please join us on the evening of December 3rd at 8:00PM sharp for this month's Pixels Speakeasy presentation “Seeing Trees” by Mike Grandmaison. We have all four editions of Mike’s books available and he will be happy to personalize them after the presentation for that very special Christmas gift.


217 McDermot Avenue.  Winnipeg, Manitoba   204-415-5480