"Outdoor Photography Canada" Magazine
Mike Grandmaison, November 22, 2010 at 11:59 AM

 "Outdoor Photography Canada" Magazine


The Premier issue of "Outdoor Photography Canada" magazine was published almost 4 years ago, in the spring of 2007. The magazine continues to showcase excellent photography from professionals as well as those aspiring to one day reach that professional status. Editor Roy Ramsay realized a long time, childhood dream of publishing a magazine and OPC has been going strong ever since. 


Published four times a year, the magazine is well printed on nice paper stock and is full of excellent columns and articles about photo techniques, gear, photographic approaches, photographer profiles, and much more. Contributing photographers include well published Canadian photographers as Darwin Wiggett, Dale Wilson, John Marriott, Ethan Meleg, Kelly Funk, Paul Burwell, Scott Linstead and yours truy. Above all, it offers Canadians a chance to read and offer our very own perspective as well as showcase the beauty of our own country in the imagery!

Personally, I have been illustrating a regular feature called "Discovering Canada". It's an expose of some of my favorite locations as I travel throughout this great country we call Canada. For Canadian as well as our international readers, it's a great way to discover a few of our most interesting locations as you plan your next trip. To date, we have covered the following locations: The Prairies, The Rockies, Gatineau, Georgian Bay, various locations in Hot Spots, Grasslands National Park, Red Rock Coulee, Muskoka, Killarney Provincial Park, Churchill, Newfoundland, The Great Saskatchewan Sand Hills, la Gaspesie, and most recently The Yukon.


 "Outdoor Photography Canada" was a long time coming. Now that it has become a reality, I would urge you to support it by purchasing a subscription!